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Nana Kaas

About Us

Nana Kaas Goat Farm was founded in 2013 and is a family owned business.

We take pride in making high quality dairy products with the help of our lovely colleagues… the Dutch White goats.

Nana Kaas is located just a short drive away from Banja Luka, in a small village called Jelićka.

The farm is equipped with a modern milking parlor, large cheesery (in accordance with haccp principles) and a top of the line gelato machine.

With building the farm an important factor was how to provide comfortable living conditions for our goats.
When the Bosnian winter kicks in we turn on the infrared heating panels and during hot summer days the goats can either enjoy the inside breeze of the vents or be lazy outside in the shades of their wooded pasture.

At Nana Kaas we mainly breed with Dutch White goats. They are known for their high milk production, rich in protein. Their peaceful, playful character make them a joy to work with.

In early autumn it’s time to put our bucks to work,  and 5 months later we welcome our newborn lambs . As of writing we have over 160 goats, of which 120 provide us with fresh milk twice a day.

Our goats are the real stars of our farm , on a regular basis we post images of them on our Instagram page. Make sure to check it out!

Over the years Nana Kaas developed a range of dairy products, all made from 100% goat milk.
To ensure our unique and uncompromising taste we don’t add any preservatives or additives to any of our products, neither do we use stimulation processes in the production of our cheeses.

To date we offer fresh cheese, artisan hard cheese, yogurt, one of a kind gelato and byproducts such as whey.
We love to share our farm life with visitors.  You have the opportunity to meet the sociable and active goats and have a taste of our guaranteed natural products! But make sure to get in touch with us first.

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